Tucker Carlson saw in the protests a class motive

Fox News host Tucker Carlson believed that the current protests in the United States are not only the reasons for the conflict of people of color or police brutality but also likely social problems.
Here’s what Tucker said on the air:
“America’s main problems are our economic opportunity – your children can earn enough to create their own stable families and live with dignity, everything follows from this, and this is what most Americans of all stripes worry about the most, of course, this is what our leaders hate to talk about again, it’s no accident that by design you see that the war is disguised, as race wars force the population to swallow each other the anger of a suspicious tribe and perhaps find out how much is being stolen.

The most significant change in American society over the past fifty years has been the death of the middle class, which used to be a middle-class country, and no one else in our population has become weaker in real terms, the number of people who control an ever-increasing percentage of our wealth will decrease.

This means that fewer Americans overall have a significant share in society and are more dependent on them, making the country much more unstable than it once was. This really shouldn’t surprise you; it’s hard to know exactly who is responsible for these changes in America. Still, it’s elementary to see who benefits from the same people who lecture you about white privilege and systemic racism.

This is the casual Citibank that is happy to put logos dedicated to dark and black lives on its interim page, which is why, you don’t ask what interest rates are charged to blacks, if you care about the poor, you don’t crush them with debt they can afford.

If you care about black lives matter, you probably won’t put abortion clinics in black neighborhoods, but they are engaged in being the scammers they play, keep that in mind the next time they say they should hate their neighbor, which is precisely what you’re telling them.”

Author: Steve Cowan
Graduated From Princeton University. He has been at the Free Press since October 2014. Previously worked as a regional entertainment editor.
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