Trump’s plan seeks to be declared unconstitutional

A coalition of 35 States, cities, and counties in the United States filed a class-action lawsuit. They demand that President Donald trump’s plan, which will not take into account the number of illegal immigrants when calculating the number of seats allocated to States in the US House of Representatives, be declared illegal.

The population of the United States will be determined based on the results of the ongoing census. Trump’s critics said that the President’s decision is calculated to help the Republican Party.

Trump’s plan, which was announced on Tuesday, will exclude several million illegal immigrants living in the US, based on the number of congressmen assigned to each state – the number of congressmen depends on the state’s population. As a result, Democrats representing States with large amounts of illegal immigrants may lose several seats in Congress. Also, this plan will be applied when calculating the number of electors in the Electoral College who will choose the President based on the results of the 2024 and 2028 elections.
The plaintiffs claim that trump’s plan is unconstitutional since the census must take into account all US residents, regardless of their legal status.