Trump’s impeachment witness will leave the army because of the President’s “retribution”

A witness in the case of impeachment of US President Donald Trump, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman leaves the army after 21 years of service, as he believes that his future in the military “will always be limited” due to political retribution from trump and his allies, CNN reports, citing lawyer David Pressman.

In February, the White House fired Ukraine expert Alexander Vindman from the National Security Council after He testified against Donald Trump during the impeachment process.

According to the lawyer, Vindman went through a “campaign of harassment, intimidation and retaliation” initiated by Trump after the Lieutenant Colonel’s testimony last year.

“The President of the United States tried to force Lieutenant Colonel Windman to choose between complying with the law or pleasing the President. Between keeping his vow or preserving his career. Between the defense of his promotion or the promotion of his associates,” the TV channel quotes the lawyer as saying.

It is reported that Vindman decided to retire from military service rather than transfer to the national war College after communicating with representatives of the US army, who informed him that “there are forces that are working against his promotion in the army.”