Trump’s ex-lawyer says he was envy of Obama

Former US President Barack Obama was the only person who was envied by the current head of state, Donald Trump, writes his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen in the book “Disloyal: the True story of Michael Cohen, the former personal attorney to President Donald J.Tump” published on Tuesday.

“Trump didn’t hate Obama. It was much, much stronger. I realized that Obama was the only person on the planet that Trump truly envied-sincerely, madly, deeply,” he writes.

According to Cohen, when Trump watched Obama’s inauguration in 2008, he “literally lost his temper.”

“I thought I’d seen Trump at his worst, but when Obama won the Nobel Prize, Trump snapped, as if the universe was making fun of him to make him mad. It was as if he heard voices-how he wailed and raged about the idiot Obama and how so many Americans loved him,” writes the ex-lawyer of the President.

He claims that Trump made fun of the way Obama spoke, walked, and looked. This was one of the manifestations of racism in Trump, Cohen believes.

“He was friendly with many African-American people, mostly exclusively from some celebrities – of course, Trump didn’t have friends, only interests, desires and ambitions – and he wasn’t stupid enough to use the n-word (“nigger”), at least in my presence,” he writes.

Among these African-American celebrities were Mike Tyson, Don King, Oprah Winfrey, he adds.

“But as a rule, Trump spoke unflatteringly about all blacks from music to culture and politics. Africa was a hole, he thought,” the book says.