Trump’s ex-lawyer said he won the election with the help of Russia

The former lawyer of US President Donald Trump Michael Cohen published a preface to his book and promised to tell how the American leader allegedly engaged in deception in the presidential election with the help of Russia.

US Attorney General Robert Muller has been investigating speculation of “Russian interference” in the elections for two years, which Moscow denies. Muller completed the investigation, confirming allegations of election interference. At the same time, he did not find evidence of “collusion” between Donald Trump and Russia, the presence of which was denied both in the Kremlin and in the White House.

“It seemed to half the Americans that Trump was, in fact, a Russian-controlled deceiver who, with the help of lies, paved his way to the White House; for the other half, Trump supporters, it seemed that the whole scandal with Russia was a witch hunt invented by the Democrats… Both sides were mistaken, “Cohen wrote the preface to his memoirs,” Disloyal: The True Story of the Former Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump.” Fragments were published by many American media, including the Axios portal.

“Trump colluded with Russia, but not with such sophisticated methods as his denigrators imagined. I also knew the Mueller investigation wasn’t a witch hunt. Trump deceived in these elections, with the connivance of Russia, what you will learn on these pages because doing everything – I mean everything – to “win” was always his model of doing business and lifestyle,” the preface says.
The book of Trump’s former lawyer should be released on September 8.

Cohen was convicted of financial and other violations for three years in prison. In May, he was released under house arrest in connection with the coronavirus epidemic. However, after that, Cohen began to appear on the streets of New York and in local restaurants. He was taken back to prison on July 9. Subsequently, the court again ordered Cohen to be released.

Earlier, Cohen sharply criticized Trump and stated that in the past, he helped Trump solve unseemly problems; including paying for silence to women who said that they had connections with Trump. Cohen was convicted of violating the campaign finance law, as well as lying to Congress in an attempt to protect Trump and himself. Despite this, before being sent to prison, Cohen once again appeared in Congress with charges against Trump.

Author: Steve Cowan
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