Trump’s decision to suspend aid to Ukraine was recognized as a violation of the law

By freezing military aid to Ukraine in 2019, the White House violated US law, according to the US General control office (GAO, the congressional audit office).

The report states that the legislation does not give the President the authority to change arbitrarily provisions passed by Congress to “his political priorities.”

American President Donald Trump ordered to review the issue of military assistance to Ukraine last summer. He explained this by the desire to make sure that the money will be used in the best way for the United States.

As the Wall Street Journal wrote, the purpose of delaying military aid to Ukraine was to influence Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and push him to initiate an investigation into hunter Biden, the son of former American Vice President Joseph Biden. Biden Jr. served on the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma. Biden Sr. is one of Trump’s most influential presumptive rivals in the presidential election that will be held this November.

The decision of the American President formed the basis of the case of his impeachment. According to the charges, formulated by the legal Committee of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, such actions of Trump are an abuse of power.

The House of Representatives announced the start of impeachment proceedings at the end of September last year. In December, a majority in the House of Representatives voted for Trump to leave the office. The Senate should take the decision on the further procedure.

On January 16, the upper house of the US Congress formally began considering the case of impeachment of US President Donald Trump. At a meeting in the Senate, the prosecution side-the House of Representatives of the Congress-will officially present the articles of accusation. White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said that Donald Trump was looking forward to hearing his case by the Senate (the Senate, unlike the House of Representatives, is controlled by Trump’s fellow Republicans).

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