Trump worries that the COVID-19 outbreak will prevent him from winning the election

US President Donald Trump is worried that a possible coronavirus outbreak in the fall may hinder his re-election, the Washington Post newspaper writes, citing advisers to the American leader.
According to advisers, Trump is now “frowning and shaken” by his declining popularity.

“In personal conversations, he tried to understand how his fate has changed dramatically: from the belief that he is on the way to re-election, to the realization that he is losing to the likely democratic candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden in almost all polls, including internal polls of his staff,” the newspaper writes, referring to the US President’s advisers.
According to most ratings, in April, Biden was ahead of Trump by an average of 6% (48% vs. 42%), which roughly reflects the advantage of the Democrats over the Republicans.

According to the Washington Post, Trump wants to resume rallies of his supporters as part of the election campaign in June, and his team has begun discussing the possibility of organizing them.
Elections for the US President, as well as for both houses of Congress, are scheduled for November 3. Republicans should nominate Trump for a second term, while the Democrats won Biden in the primaries. The party conventions that will nominate candidates are scheduled for August.

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