Trump will not admit defeat in the election even after the vote count

Several advisers to incumbent US President Donald Trump believe that he can stop challenging the election results but does not admit defeat even after the final count of all votes, according to NBC News, citing sources familiar with the situation.

“Don’t expect him to admit. He’ll say something like, ‘We can’t trust the results, but I don’t dispute them,” said one of his senior advisers.

“He accepts the results and we will never know how accurate they are,” said another adviser.

Some of Trump’s advisers, according to the TV channel, still believe in his possible victory and continue to support his attempts to fight, but their number is gradually decreasing. Some aides to the incumbent note that Trump is gradually realizing that the election results will not be reversed.

“Even Trump understands that the likelihood of change in results is practically zero,” said one of his aides.

According to the TV channel, many of the president’s supporters are working to persuade Trump to move on. “In the overwhelming majority of cases, the president comes to understand that he needs a strategy to move forward,” said one adviser. In particular, Trump supporters are urging him to participate in the second round of elections for the Georgia Senate to strengthen his influence in the Republican Party.

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