Trump will consider a proposal to give testimony in the case of impeachment

Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of Representatives, addressed the President with this proposal.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has invited President Donald Trump to testify as part of the impeachment investigation.

Defending herself against accusations Republicans are calling the democratic-initiated process biased, Pelosi said Trump could come to the hearing or answer questions in writing.

“If he has information that is exculpatory, that is, absolves blame, we would very much like to have it,” Pelosi said in a Sunday interview with CBS. She added that the President “could come directly to the Committee and speak, telling all the truth he wants, if he wants.”

Trump on Monday responded to Pelosi’s suggestion in a tweet: “While I have done nothing wrong and do not want to give credibility to this farce without due process, I like the idea and will seriously consider it so that Congress will focus on its work again.”

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer also backed the idea. “If Donald Trump doesn’t agree with what he hears, it is not necessary to write tweets. We should go to the Committee and testify under oath. And we should allow all his confidants to appear before the Committee and testify under oath,” Schumer told reporters. According to him, the white house’s desire to prevent witnesses from testifying raises the question: “What is he hiding?”

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