Trump went on a trip to the Western States

The President will visit California, Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado.

President Donald Trump said that he is ready to use his “loud voice” to strengthen the Republican campaign, going on a four-day trip to the Western States. During the visit, the head of state will visit California, Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado.

The program of the President’s visit includes several fundraising events, three campaign rallies, and several official presidential events, during which trump will be able to demonstrate the achievements of his administration.

The President is expected to raise $ 14 million in donations during two fundraising events in California, a Republican source told Free News. The money will be divided between his campaign, the Republican national Committee, and 22 Republican offices in various States.

Trump will visit Las Vegas at a time when Nevada is filled with Democratic candidates gathered in the state on the eve of the debate (they will be held on Wednesday) and the Caucuses scheduled for Saturday. Rallies with the President will be held in two States where the Republican Party is trying to win the Senate election. Trump will support Cory Gardner in Colorado and Martha McSally in Arizona. Both senators supported the President during the Senate impeachment proceedings.

Trump also said that he will soon visit South Carolina-most likely on February 28, the day before Democrats will hold their primaries in this state.

“Look – we have a loud voice, and we can also use it,” the President said, addressing reporters on the eve of departure from Washington.

On Tuesday, the President met in Los Angeles with the Olympic Committee “to get new information about preparations for the summer Olympics in 2028,” the White House said. Before leaving for Las Vegas, trump also attended a Republican fundraising event in Beverly Hills. In Las Vegas, the President will stay at a hotel that belongs to him, located next to the Las Vegas Strip – a seven-kilometer stretch of Boulevard that houses the city’s largest casinos and entertainment centers.

On Wednesday, Trump will return to California again-he will visit the Mirage ranch, owned by billionaire and Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison. On the territory of the ranch is a private Golf club, which will host the next fundraising event. Ellison previously placed his ranch at the disposal of President Barack Obama.

Then, Trump will visit the California city of Bakersfield, home of GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, to “talk to hard-working farmers in the Central valley about their efforts to… improving the water supply in California and the other Western states,” the White House added.

Then Trump will hold a rally in Phoenix (Arizona) and return to Las Vegas.

On Thursday, the President will speak at the release ceremony of the “hope for prisoners” program, which will be held at the Las Vegas Police Department. The White House said that the President in his speech is going to draw attention to his efforts to “provide a second chance to Americans who were previously imprisoned.” Trump will hold another rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado, before heading back to Las Vegas.

On Friday, trump’s trip will end with a final rally in Las Vegas.

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