Trump was accused of an ineffective fight against coronavirus

The Chairman of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi accused US President Donald Trump ineffective in the fight against coronavirus. She said this in an interview with CNN, published on their Twitter.

She recalled that the decision of the American President to close the border with China was considered excellent, although tens of thousands of people still came from there. “It was not the greatest moment… If you close the door, then close it completely,” Pelosi pointed out.

On April 7, Trump claimed that the World Health Organization (WHO) advised against closing the border with China, which he refused. The President stressed that such a recommendation was “absolutely failed.” The United States soon suspended funding for the organization.

The borders between the US and China were closed on February 2. The New York Times wrote that in two months after the restrictions were imposed, about 40,000 people still arrived from there.
According to the latest data, more than 790 thousand cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in the country. 42.2 thousand people died, and 52.1 thousand were cured.

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