Trump wants to verify the authenticity of voter signatures in Georgia

The state of Georgia “must immediately” allow verification of the authenticity of American signatures on ballots. This was written on Twitter by the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

“The Governor of Georgia, Republican Brian Kemp, and the Secretary of State must immediately allow verification of the authenticity of signatures (filed) in the presidential election. If this happens, we will win the state quickly and easily and, importantly, pave the way for a big win for David (Purdue) and Kelly (Loeffler)!” the President wrote.

According to the American media forecasts, Joe Biden becomes the new head of the American state. World leaders have already congratulated him on his victory, despite the lack of official election results.

In turn, Trump has not yet officially admitted defeat. His staff has filed lawsuits demanding not to confirm the voting results in some states or manually recalculate the ballots received by mail.

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