Trump wanted to be President of the United States forever

The US Senate has acquitted President Donald Trump in an impeachment case. Now the American leader has nothing to fear, even the upcoming elections. He intends to rule the country forever.

An unambiguous video on this topic was published by Trump on Twitter. On it, the President of the United States is behind the campaign election banner.

On each of these posters is written the name of the American leader and the election year-from 2024 to infinity.

The images appear to be located on the cover of a magazine. It also flaunts two titles: “How Trumpism outlasts Trump” and “The strength of his support.”

At the end of the video appears the inscription “Trump forever!”

After the impeachment process is completed, Donald Trump will remain in office until 2020. If re-elected for a second term, he will remain in charge of the United States for another four years.

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