Trump voted early in the presidential election in Florida

His rival Joe Biden is spending Saturday in the key state of Pennsylvania.

President Donald Trump cast an early vote in the presidential election in his home state of Florida on Saturday, while his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, is visiting Pennsylvania’s “swing” state on Saturday.

Trump, who moved from New York to Florida last year, voted Saturday morning in West Palm Beach after spending the night at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

“It was a very safe vote. I can tell you that it is much safer than when you send a newsletter by mail. Everything was perfect, rigorous, according to the rules… They [election commission staff] have done a great job here, great people. It is a great honor for me to vote [here],” the President said, speaking to reporters after the vote.

The President will then address supporters at rallies in Lamberton, North Carolina, Circleville, Ohio, and Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, former Vice President Biden is hosting events in Bucks County, a Philadelphia suburb that Hillary Clinton won by a narrow margin in 2016, as well as in neighboring Lucerne County. Former President Barack Obama won twice in Lucerne, but in 2016, voters there overwhelmingly supported Trump.

Biden’s staff will also try to win over voters in one of the key states for the election in Florida-Barack Obama will hold a rally in North Miami in support of Joe Biden, his former Vice President.

Although the presidential election is less than two weeks away, more than 52 million people have already voted early in the United States. It is expected that about 100 million more will vote before the official announcement of the name of the winner of the election.

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