Trump visits Wisconsin on Tuesday

The President emphasizes that his approach to street unrest is based on the protection of law and order.

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday visits the city of Kenosha in Wisconsin, where protests began after a white police officer shot an African-American several times.

Amid protests against racial injustice, the gap between Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, has narrowed. During the Republican National Convention last week, Biden was described as a leader whose policies would only add to the chaos on the streets. Biden and other Democrats, in turn, argue that Trump’s rhetoric contributes to inciting violence.

The trip to Wisconsin, which could play a vital role in the election, gives Trump a chance to emphasize his law-and-order approach.

Trump praised the National Guard for helping quell violence in Kenosha and suggested sending Federal aid to other cities, including Portland, Oregon.

Biden, on Monday, called for the prosecution of rioters, criticizing Trump for his lack of moral leadership.

During his visit, Trump plans to personally assess the damage from the riots and meet with law enforcement officials and local businessmen. At the same time, he will not meet with the family of an African-American man, Jacob Blake, who was paralyzed from the waist down as a result of the shooting. The President said he decided not to meet with them after being asked to arrange a meeting in the presence of lawyers.

The state’s Governor and the mayor urged Trump not to come to Kenosha to avoid escalating tensions, but the President ignored this request.

“I have to see the people who have done such a great job,” he told reporters at the White House on Tuesday.

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