Trump visits California, Nevada and Arizona on Monday

In California, the President meets with firefighters and emergency responders.

US President Donald Trump visits the wildfire-ridden state of California on Monday.

Trump, who has ordered Federal aid to California and Oregon for the fires, is meeting with firefighters and emergency responders to re-emphasize the need for better forest management.

Since August, wildfires in Oregon, California, and Washington State have destroyed thousands of homes and half a dozen small towns, burned more than 4 million hectares of land, and killed more than two dozen people.

On Monday, the President is also visiting the States of Arizona and Nevada, where four campaign events are taking place. As the President’s press service reported on Friday, a round table entitled “Latinos for Trump” will be held at the Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix.

Trump’s opponent in the upcoming election, Democrat Joe Biden, is giving a speech on Monday about the role of climate change in causing fires.

As previously reported, Biden, speaking in his home state of Delaware, will focus on climate change, which he considers one of the major crises for the United States, along with the coronavirus pandemic.

As stated on Sunday in his campaign headquarters, Biden will note “the threat that extreme weather events pose to Americans across the country,” talk about the causes of their occurrence and “emphasize the urgent need to combat the climate crisis.”

According to the Associated Press, Biden’s staff is also paying a lot of attention to the situation in Arizona, which has not voted for Democrats in presidential elections since 1996.

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