Trump: Vicious and evil people staged impeachment

US President Donald Trump said that he considers the impeachment procedure, which was started by Democrats,” the hell.” According to him, this should never happen to another President. He expressed this opinion during a speech at the White House after the completion of the trial in the Senate.

Addressing the audience, the President said that for three years he and his family had to deal with lies, corruption and “dirty police officers.” The head of the White House said that the Democrats began to pursue him from the moment he started the election campaign. Trump, in particular, mentioned the investigation of “Russian interference” in the US election in 2016.

“This should never happen to another President… We’ve been through hell. It wasn’t fair, I didn’t do anything wrong. There is nothing in terms of the law, “he said, calling the impeachment case a” witch hunt.” According to him, the phone conversation with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky was perfect.

He also called house speaker Nancy Pelosi a “terrible person.” In addition, he once again mocked her for saying that she was praying for his good. “She may be praying, but the opposite is true,” the White House chief said.

According to the American leader, members of the Democratic Party are vicious and malicious people. “But they hold on to each other — historically, not just now. They hold on to each other like glue. This is how they arranged the impeachment: because they had 220 people or so, so if no one breaks away from them, they will have the opportunity to start impeachment against anyone,” he said.

Trump also showed the audience the number of the Washington Post and said that this is the only good headline that he was awarded in this newspaper. On the first page of the publication was an article with the headline: “Trump is justified.”

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