Trump vetoed the defense budget approved by Congress

As promised, US President Donald Trump vetoed the defense budget approved earlier by Congress, the White House said.

“I return the resolution… Unfortunately, it does not include critical measures necessary to ensure national security, includes articles that do not ensure respect for our veterans and our military history, and contradicts the efforts of my administration to ensure that America’s interests are paramount in matters of our national security and foreign policy, ” Trump said in a statement addressed to the House of representatives of the US Congress.

The President called the budget approved earlier by Congress a “gift” to Russia and China.

Earlier, Trump warned that he would veto the 740-billion-dollar defense budget approved earlier by Congress, although the document received support in Parliament to circumvent his veto.

The bill provides, in particular, the expansion of sanctions against the Russian pipelines “Nord stream-2” and “Turkish Stream,” further arms supplies to Ukraine, a ban on cooperation between the US and Russian military, sanctions against Turkey for the supply of Russian S-400 air defense systems and other measures against Russia.

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