Trump vetoed a resolution on the use of force in Iran

US President Donald Trump vetoed a resolution of the US Congress to limit its powers to use the Armed forces against Iran. The head of the US administration called the document “insulting” for the institution of the presidency.

The resolution was presented by lawmakers in the House of Representatives, after the commander of the individual unit “al-Quds” of the Islamic revolutionary guard corps (IRGC) Qasem Suleimani was killed on January 3 on Trump’s orders in a missile strike on Baghdad’s international airport.

Trump believes that the murder of Suleimani was authorized by the resolution of 2002

“Contrary to what is written in the resolution, the United States is not currently using force against Iran,” the American leader said. “We live in a hostile world full of growing threats, and the US Constitution recognizes that the President must be able to anticipate the next steps of our rivals and take swift and decisive action in response to them. That’s what I did! ” – Trump is sure.

He also expressed the view that the operation in Iraq was authorized by a resolution of the US Congress of 2002, allowing the use of force in this country.

The resolution of the US Congress

The resolution on Iran was supported by a majority of members of the House of Representatives in March. Before that, in February, it was approved by the US Senate, where the majority belongs to Republicans.

The resolution required the President to obtain congressional authorization before taking military action against Iran. If the fighting has already started, the US administration must stop it within 30 days-until lawmakers approve it.

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