Trump urged the World Bank not to give China money on credit

US President Donald Trump has urged the World Bank not to lend money to China. According to the American leader, China has enough money.

“Why is the world Bank lending money to China? China has enough money, and if there is not enough money, they create it. This must stop!”- Trump wrote on Twitter.

Earlier this week, US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said that Trump intends to further increase duties on some goods if the States and China fail to agree on a trade deal on December 15.

Since September 1, the United States has increased duties on $ 300 billion worth of goods from China by 15%, and then on other goods duties have increased to 30%. China in response imposed duties of 10% on American products worth $ 75 billion, the second part of Beijing is to introduce on December 15.

The last round of talks took place in October. Following their results, both sides said they had not found consensus on a trade agreement. Trump rules out a trade deal “on equal terms.”

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