Trump urged Biden to take a drug test

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden should take a drug test, President Donald Trump said on Tuesday.

“I will also pass this one. I think he should take a drug test. He accepts something that gives him some clarity. Look at him. Maybe it’s a lot of coffee, maybe it’s 15 cups of coffee,” Trump said on Fox News.

He repeated that in the debate during the primaries, Biden, in his opinion, suddenly began to perform better.

“Something was strange, in my opinion. I won’t say what, but many believe that something is happening. And you can’t do that,” Trump added.

In late August, Trump said in an interview with the Washington Examiner that he was going to call for testing himself and Biden for drugs before the first debate. According to the newspaper, Trump expressed suspicion about the “sudden improvement” in Biden’s performance in the discussion during the democratic primary season and suggested that this was the result of drug use. However, the President did not provide any evidence.

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