Trump told how he protects himself from the coronavirus

US President Donald Trump has said that he is taking a drug for malaria-hydroxychloroquine – to prevent coronavirus.

According to the President, he takes this drug for a week and a half, one tablet a day. Trump noted that he had consulted a doctor about this medication, and the doctor-approved his decision to take the pills. The head of state said that he had heard a lot of good things about this drug.

The American leader said that every few days, he passes tests for the coronavirus, and so far, they have all been negative. Trump added that he has no symptoms of the disease.

In early April, Free News, citing sources, wrote that Trump pressured the US health authorities to allow the malaria drug to be marketed as a COVID-19 drug, although this drug was not tested accordingly.

The Agency reported that recommendations were subsequently issued by the authorities stating that doctors could prescribe the drug. The information in the guide was based on isolated cases, not on expert assessments by researchers.