Trump to oppose the re-election of Alaska senator who supported impeachment

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Midterm elections in the state will be held in 2022.

Former US President Donald Trump will oppose the re-election of Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, representing the Republican Party. Murkowski was one of seven lawmakers who supported Trump’s impeachment in the upper house of Congress this year.

“I will not support Lisa Murkowski under any circumstances. She doesn’t represent her state well, and the country is even worse. I do not know where the people will be next year. Still, I will be in Alaska campaigning against a very bad senator,”

Trump said in a statement to Politico, the text of which the publication publishes on Saturday.

The midterm elections in the state will be held in 2022. As the newspaper notes, some Republicans fear that Trump’s support for more radical candidates instead of moderate party members in swing states (where it is not clear which party and which candidate will win the election) will make it difficult for the party to regain control of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Author: Steve Cowan
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