Trump: the US closes entry from Europe for a month due to coronavirus

Starting Friday, March 13, the US suspends all travel from Europe for a month. President Donald Trump made this statement during an address to the nation, according to The New York Times.

Trump said all travel from Europe would be suspended for a month to combat the spread of the coronavirus. The exception was made only for one country — the UK, as well as for some Americans who will have to undergo a survey before traveling.

The President’s address to the nation was broadcast directly from the White House on the evening of March 11. In it, Donald Trump spoke about the measures that the United States will take to combat the coronavirus and its economic impact. “We must put politics aside,” — he urged his opponents to unite in the fight. — We need to stop the partisan struggle and to unite into one nation and one family.”

Trump finally called the coronavirus a “terrible infection” that requires “decisive but necessary action” to combat. Although on Tuesday, he urged to remain calm and even said that the disease will soon disappear.

According to him, Americans should now temporarily refuse to travel unless necessary. Across the country, schools are beginning to close indefinitely in places, students are being transferred to distance learning at universities, visits are banned in some nursing homes, and firms across the country are encouraging their employees to work from home. The US President said that a guide has been issued for closing schools, “social distancing” and reducing mass events in the country.

Donald Trump added: insurance companies have agreed to expand the amount they are willing to cover the costs of treatment for coronavirus, and agree to waive related payments.
In addition, the President will soon announce emergency measures to protect financially workers who are ill or should be quarantined. There are also proposals to defer temporarily payment of taxes (without interest or penalties) for firms whose work has been negatively affected by the coronavirus, as well as to provide them with loans. However, it still needs to be obtained the consent of the Treasury and Congress.

Donald Trump blamed the European Union for not taking the same drastic measures earlier for travelers from China and other “hot spots” — and this, according to him, led to the infection of Americans from tourists from Europe in most cases. The US itself in early February imposed a ban on the entry of foreigners who have been in China for the past 14 days. According to Trump, the US authorities are monitoring the situation there, and as soon as it improves, the restrictive measures will be canceled.
As for the impact of the coronavirus on the global economy, Donald Trump said: “This is not a financial crisis; this is just a temporary moment that we will overcome together as a nation and as a world.”
The US Department of homeland security clarified that the ban is imposed on the countries of the Schengen zone. Americans and permanent residents of States will still be allowed to fly to Europe and return home during these 30 days.

Within 48 hours, the Ministry promises to publish through which airports traveling Americans from Europe will be able to return home.

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