Trump: the May’s agreement on “Brexit” is beneficial for the EU, but is detrimental to the trade of Britain with the United States

The American leader said that the draft agreement on the withdrawal of Britain from the EU gives more advantages to the EU, which means that London is likely to be unable to trade with the United States.

“If you read the agreement in its current form, it will become clear that [Britain] will most likely not be able to trade with us. That’s bad. I don’t think they want that,” he said.

The Press Secretary for the British government in response said that London will be able to sign trade agreements with any country in the world.
“Thanks to the meetings of our joint working groups, we have already laid the Foundation for signing a bold agreement with the United States. They have already held five such meetings, ” said the representative of Downing street.

Theresa May summons to teleduel.

The representative of Theresa May also said that the Prime Minister is ready to defend the draft of the current agreement on “Brexit” in a televised debate with Labour leader Jeremy Corbin.

It is reported that the televised debate may take place on December 9 — two days before the decisive vote in Parliament on the deal on “Brexit”.
The draft agreement on “Brexit” was approved by all 27 EU member States. In comments before the special summit held in Brussels on Sunday, EU leaders said that this is the best possible deal and that there is no alternative.

In the UK, the agreement is much more objectionable: the version of Theresa May does not like the majority of both supporters and opponents of “Brexit”.
It is not known whether the Parliament will approve the deal on “Brexit” on December 9: the majority of votes is far from guaranteed.

What does Trump mean?

John Sopel, BBC senior correspondent for North America
First, Theresa May actually got a thump in the house of Commons.
Now her closest ally, Donald Trump, has decided to kick the draft deal on “Brexit” with a huge cowboy boot.
When the President says that the “Brexit” agreement could jeopardize trade with Britain, it is not clear what he means. During the transition period, business between the countries will obviously continue in the current regime.
Such intervention Trump in the discussion on the eve of the decisive vote in the British Parliament can be regarded clearly — the American President took the side of critics of the British Prime Minister.

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