Trump: The administration will help cruise and airlines in the situation of the coronavirus epidemic

The President and Vice President met with the management of insurance companies.

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that the Federal government would help cruise lines and airlines in the situation of the coronavirus epidemic.

This statement was made during a meeting between President Trump and Vice President Pence with the heads of companies that deal with health insurance.
The President also said that he would hold a meeting with congressional leaders on the issue of fighting the coronavirus on Tuesday.

Later on Tuesday, Donald Trump arrived on Capitol Hill to meet with lawmakers.

Speaking with journalists, the President noted the effectiveness of the ongoing efforts to combat the epidemic.

Earlier it was reported that on the same day, the President would speak on a package of measures to provide economic assistance to companies and citizens experiencing financial difficulties in connection with the coronavirus epidemic.

“We will discuss assistance to employees who receive hourly pay so that they do not find themselves in a situation where they will be left without a salary. We will work with companies, large and small, a lot of companies so that they are not punished for something they are not guilty of,” Trump said, speaking to reporters the day before.

On Monday, Trump met with his economic advisers, including Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who presented him with options for policy solutions to counter emerging threats to the economy.

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