Trump temporarily prevented the Federal government’s “shutdown”

The government “shutdown” could come on Friday night. Now the deadline for the adoption of the annual budget has been postponed to December 20.

The Senate on Thursday passed a bill on a temporary government budget that would allow Federal agencies to continue working until December 20 and prevent a government “shutdown” that could otherwise come as early as Thursday night.

Following this, the President signed the bill, thus shifting the threat of a possible closure of government departments to the end of next month. 74 senators voted for the adoption of the interim budget, 20 votes were cast against.

The interim budget bill gives the executive and legislative branches four more weeks to try to break the impasse over funding for the construction of a wall on the US border with Mexico. The dispute has delayed the adoption of 12 appropriations, which provide funding for about one-third of all government agencies.

Negotiations to pass the annual budget heated up after the administration rejected a request from representatives of both parties for a $ 5 billion budget increase. The budget debate is taking place amid a cross-party struggle amid impeachment hearings. Charges that threaten to impeach the President can be put to a vote in the House of Representatives around December 20-the day when the next “shutdown” of the government can take place.

The main struggle unfolded around trump’s demands to allocate an additional $ 8.6 billion for the construction of the wall. Republicans who control the Senate support trump. Both parties would like to avoid the option of having to approve constantly temporary budgets without adopting a budget for the year – this could have a particularly negative impact on Pentagon funding.

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