Trump supporters spent $7.9 million on attempts to challenge the election results

Most of the funds were spent on court proceedings related to the results of the presidential election, CNBC notes.

Political committees that support the previous US President Donald Trump have spent a total of about $7.9 million since the beginning of the year to support him in attempts to challenge the election results, as well as to protect him in the impeachment procedure. Such estimates were given on Monday by CNBC.

As he notes, this is evidenced by documents sent to the US Federal Election Commission by four political committees. They provided the specified amount in the first half of this year. Most of it was spent on legal proceedings related to the results of the presidential elections held in November 2020.

Trump and other Republicans have claimed systematic voting violations. They have repeatedly appealed to the courts with a request to conduct a recount of votes in some states. However, the actions of the Republicans were not successful; their claims were rejected by the courts, including the US Supreme Court. On January 20, the inauguration of Democrat Joe Biden took place.

Some of the funds were sent by political committees to pay for the services of lawyers who represented Trump’s interests in the impeachment procedure. The reason for it was that on January 6, supporters of Trump, who was president at that time, gathered in the US capital for a demonstration of thousands in support of him. Later, they broke into Congress, trying to prevent the approval of the election results. In connection with the incident, the Democrats initiated the impeachment procedure for Trump. As a result, the US Senate acquitted the Republican.

Bloomberg reports with reference to the documents received by the US Federal Election Commission that Trump himself sent $680 thousand from the funds that he received earlier as donations for the conduct of the election race to pay for the services of lawyers.

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