Trump supporter Elise Stefanik is elected to the party post instead of Liz Cheney

Judging by the results of the secret ballot, Trump has become even more dominant in the party even after the defeat of the Republicans in the 2020 elections.

Republicans in the US House of Representatives overwhelmingly backed Elise Stefanik to chair the Republican Conference in the lower house of Congress – the third most important position in the Republican caucus-over Liz Cheney, who was removed from the party leadership this week for criticizing former President Donald Trump for continuing to claim that the 2020 election was rigged.

The 36-year-old Stefanik, who represents the state of New York in the lower house of Congress, actively defended Trump during the first impeachment trial of the former president in 2019, and Cheney was severely criticized among Republican colleagues, calling Trump’s statements about election fraud “a big lie.”

According to the results of the secret ballot, it became clear that Trump has become even more dominant in the party even after the defeat of the Republicans in the elections to both houses of Congress and the presidential election. Trump plans to play an important role in the midterm congressional elections next year and does not rule out running for president again in 2024.

“He is very important to our Republican team,” Stefanik said in a speech at the Capitol on Friday, “I believe that the leader of the Republican Party is chosen by the voters, and President Trump is the leader they count on.”

Congressman Chip Roy, who announced his candidacy on Thursday evening, also claimed the seat of the Republican Conference chairman in the House of Representatives.

Cheney has vowed to continue fighting to prevent Trump from winning the presidential election in 2024.

Stefanik actively defended Trump during two of his impeachment trials. Despite being a representative of the relatively moderate wing of the Republicans, she won over the conservative Roy.

After summing up the vote, Trump posted a message on his website, congratulating “Elise Stefanik on her big and overwhelming victory! The House Republican Party is united, and the Make America Great Again movement is strong,” the former president wrote. Celebrating Stefanik’s victory, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said the tough battle for leadership among Republicans was over.

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