Trump stressed that he has a good relationship with Fauci

At the same time, the President criticized his adviser, who spoke sharply about the country’s chief epidemiologist.

US President Donald Trump criticized his adviser Peter Navarro, saying that Navarro should not have spoken sharply, and in writing, about the chief specialist in the fight against coronavirus Anthony Fauci, who is widely popular.

Navarro, the President’s trade adviser, criticized Fauci in an article for USA Today.

“Dr. Anthony Fauci has good, caring manners when he appears in public, but he is wrong about everything I have contacted him about,” Navarro claimed.

On Wednesday, speaking to reporters before setting off on a trip to Atlanta, Trump made it clear that by criticizing Fauci, Navarro was acting at his own risk.

“He made a statement representing him. He shouldn’t have done that. No, I have an excellent relationship with Anthony,” Trump said.

“We are all on the same team,” the President said.

As White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said the other day, in his opinion, Navarro’s article is “unacceptable.”

There were times of friction between Trump and Fauci when the President called for the early opening of businesses and educational institutions closed in the face of the pandemic, and Fauci spoke of the need for caution.