Trump spoke out about UFOs

US President Donald Trump allowed the existence of UFOs (unidentified flying objects). He said this in an interview with Fox News.

“Well, I don’t want to go into that. But personally, I doubt the existence of UFOs. I do not believe, but, you know, I think that anything is possible,” — said the politician in an interview with TV presenter Tucker Carlson.

The journalist reminded Trump about the cases when the pilots of the US Navy observed strange objects during flights. The US President agreed that there are indeed people who swear that they have seen something like this.

On the question of the host about whether it is true that one of the US air bases stored UFO wreckage, the head of state replied that he does not have such data.

In April, the command of the US Navy decided to develop a reporting form for pilots who noticed UFOs. This will allow systematizing the process of collecting and analyzing unexplained sightings.