Trump sought to delay the transfer of tax returns to the Prosecutor of Manhattan

Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance has been seeking the transfer of Trump’s tax returns for months.

An appeals court on Tuesday granted President Donald Trump’s request to delay giving the Manhattan district attorney access to his tax returns in connection with a criminal investigation into Trump’s business practices.

The order by a panel of the 2nd Circuit court of appeals in Manhattan was a victory for the President in his attempts to prevent district attorney Cyrus Vance from accessing Trump’s personal and corporate tax returns at the request of a Grand jury.

Trump is challenging district judge Victor Marrero’s August 20 decision to allow Prosecutor Vance to obtain the accounts of the presidential accounting firm Mazars USA.

In July, the Supreme Court refused to block a Grand jury subpoena, rejecting Trump’s claim of absolute immunity from criminal investigations while he is in the White House. However, the Supreme Court decision states that the President may raise other objections.

Prosecutor Vance expressed regret that the delay in the trial provided the President with the immunity he wanted.

Grand jury hearings are held in secret, and if Trump’s tax returns are still provided, it could be months before the public can learn about their contents.

Six of Trump’s predecessors, Republicans, and Democrats-from Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama-released their tax returns.

William Consovoy, Trump’s lawyer, said in the appeals court that allowing Vance to get acquainted with information about Trump’s real income would cause irreparable harm to the President’s interests.

“The status quo will never be restored,” he said, “We can’t make them forget what they learn.”

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