Trump signed an Executive order to lower drug prices in the United States

US President Donald Trump, on Friday, signed a decree that will reduce the price of medicines in the country.

Speaking at the White House before signing the document, the President noted that the changes introduced will eliminate some “intermediaries” in the purchase of medicines.

“The middlemen make a fortune on the. People are just deceiving patients of the (state medical program) Medicare,” Trump said.

Also, the President added, the decree will allow “eliminating kickbacks” in purchases, which was met with applause by representatives of the medical community.

The head of state noted that now the prices of medicines in the United States are, on average, 50 percent or higher than for precisely the same drugs that are sold in other countries.

Trump said that he would hold a meeting with representatives of pharmaceutical companies on Tuesday and, if no agreement is reached, he will issue another decree that guarantees that Medicare will pay the lowest purchase price on the international market.