Trump seriously fears the possibility of declaring impeachment to him

The President of the United States Donald Trump in conversations with his assistants expresses concern about the possibility of impeachment after the House of Representatives of Congress will come under the control of the Democrats next year.

Trump seriously fears the possibility of declaring impeachment to him

According to him, Trump openly expressed concern about the fact that the Democrats, in whose hands in January will control the lower house of Congress, will launch the procedure of impeachment against the President. As the source noted, Trump believes that impeachment is” really possible”, but he has no absolute confidence in this regard.

On Sunday, law Committee member of the lower house of Congress Gerold Nadler told CNN that lawmakers would be entitled to begin impeachment proceedings against the President if it was proven that he personally ordered his former lawyer Michael Cohen to pay two women in exchange for their silence about the alleged intimate ties with Trump. We are talking about ex-porn actress Stephanie Clifford and former model Karen McDougall, who made these allegations earlier this year.

According to CNN, the White house believes that the only serious accusation against Trump, which potentially threatens to be removed from office, may be his alleged involvement in violation of the rules of financing election campaigns in the Cohen case.

On Friday, Federal prosecutors in New York sent documents to the court where Cohen’s case is being heard alleging that the lawyer was paying two women money at the direction of trump, who was then involved in the fight for the White house. In the documents, no charges in the address directly of the President is not given. Trump previously denied that he knew about the payments, arguing that Cohen had acted without his knowledge.

Meanwhile, the White house is confident that the investigation of the US special Prosecutor Robert Mueller in relation to the alleged “collusion” between Trump’s assistants and Russia will not lead to impeachment in the end, CNN reports. The administration also believes that even potential charges related to illegal payments will not be enough to support this procedure expressed both Democrats and Republicans. The Senate on the results of the elections held in November remained under the control of the latter, so, according to trump, at least in the upper house of Congress, his support is strong, the channel notes.

Author: Flyn Braun
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