Trump says he was confident of winning on election day

US President Donald Trump announced his optimistic mood on election day morning and assured that he and the Republicans were “doing very well.”

According to him, “incredible changes” have taken place over the past week.

“We think we are winning by a wide margin in Texas, we think we are taking Florida very confidently, we think we are winning very confidently in Arizona. I think we will be doing very well in North Carolina. I think we have everything that is going to be very good in Pennsylvania. We think we are doing well everywhere, ” he said Tuesday on Fox News.

Trump said he is calling “some very nice people” who have been very important to him and have been loyal to him in recent years.

“Maybe I’ll go to Virginia, we have our headquarters there, just to say thank you to all these people,”  he said.

His Democratic opponent Joe Biden has barely spoken to the press this morning, saying only that he feels “good” on Tuesday. The candidate traveled to Pennsylvania, where a fierce battle for the popular vote unfolded.

US elections are held on November 3. The contenders in the presidential election are Republican candidate and incumbent head of the White House Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden.