Trump said that the US managed to minimize economic losses during the pandemic

Recovery is faster than in any other Western country, says the President.

The measures taken by the US administration in the field of economics have made it possible to minimize losses from the coronavirus pandemic. This was stated on Wednesday by President Donald Trump during a video conference, addressing members of the economic club of New York.

“Our economy has suffered less, and the recovery is faster than in any other country in the West,” he said. – Since May, 11.5 million jobs have been created in the country. Many analysts predicted that by the end of the year, unemployment would reach 10%, and we have achieved that it is now below 8%.”

As Trump emphasized, “the process of creating new jobs was 23 times faster than during the administration of President Barack Obama.”

If re-elected, he said, he intends to cut taxes for the middle class. “2021 will be a year of fantastic economic growth,” Trump said.