Trump said that the American press treats him worse than Lincoln

The President expressed outrage about the questions that journalists ask him.

President of the United States Donald Trump believes that the American media treat him worse than with Abraham Lincoln – the President of the Civil war, who was killed in 1865.

“I am met by such a hostile press as no President has ever seen. The closest comparison, perhaps, would be this gentleman,” Trump said during a virtual meeting with voters, which was held at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.

Sitting near the marble Lincoln monument, Trump said: “It was always said that no one was treated worse than Lincoln. I think I’m being treated worse.”

This statement was made in response to a question from a retired voter who worked as a nurse and school psychologist in the past. She expressed admiration for Trump’s “tremendous dedication” to the country and then said:” I have a question about your manner of communication. Why do you use words that might be perceived as insults and not directly answer questions from the press, but instead talk about past successes and just talk about nothing? The voter called on Trump to “stop such behavior that repels people.”

The President smiled and said, “I’m not sure, but I think I like this question.” After that, he expressed outrage at the fact that journalists ask inappropriate questions, and said that most of the media behave “as if they are in the Democratic Party.”

“I think if I were kind to them, I would be taken off the stage,” Trump said. “They pounce on you with terrible, disgusting, biased questions.”

“I stand in front of them, and they, instead of asking me a normal question, behave with such anger and hatred that I look at them and say:” What is wrong with you?” the President added.

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