Trump said that Republicans raised more than $1 billion for the election campaign

The US President called the upcoming elections the most important in the country’s history.

The US Republican Party was able to raise more than $1 billion through the WinRed fundraising platform. This was announced on Tuesday on his Twitter page by US President Donald Trump.

“The Republican Party has raised more than $1 billion through the newly founded WinRed platform. November 3. The most important elections in the history of our country,” the message reads.

The WinRed platform was created in support of Republicans in 2019. It became an analog of the online fundraising program for Democrats ActBlue, which has been operating for 16 years. More than 90% of Senate and House Republicans are registered on the site. Donations can be made by anyone.

The next general election in the United States will be held on November 3. They will elect the President and Vice President, all 435 members of the house of representatives and a third of the Senate of Congress, and the governors of 13 states and territories.