Trump said that Pence has the right to reject the results of the Electoral College vote

We are talking about the electoral votes from the disputed states.

The current President of the United States, Donald Trump, said that Vice President Michael Pence has the necessary powers to review the presidential election results held on November 3, rejecting electoral votes from disputed states.

“The Vice president has the authority to invalidate electors who were fraudulently elected,” the White House chief wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

On January 1, a Texas court rejected a lawsuit by Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert and his party members, who tried, in fact, to force Pence to reconsider the results of the last presidential election. The lawsuit asked the court to grant the vice president the right to cancel the voting results in disputed states and oblige Congress to count the votes of Republican electors who, during an alternative, unrecognized procedure, supported Trump. However, Pence himself, as reported by The Washington Post, asked to reject such an appeal.

Later, the Vice President welcomed the intention of Republicans in Congress to challenge the results of the presidential election at a joint meeting of both chambers of the new legislature on January 6. On this day, it is planned to approve the results of the vote of the Electoral College, which announced the victory of Democrat Joseph Biden on December 14. At the same time, the Vice President will preside during the procedure since he is, according to the American constitution, the Senate’s head.

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