Trump said that more than 10 people apply for the post of head of the White house

The American leader believes that there is no reason not to want to get this job, which he called one of the most remarkable in Washington.
The US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that more than ten people want to get the position of chief of staff of the White house after John Kelly will leave it at the end of the year.

Trump said that more than 10 people apply for the post of head of the White house

“The false media intentionally present it in the wrong way. Many, more than 10 people, want to take the post of chief of staff of the White house and fight for it. Why would anyone don’t want to have one of the really great and important works in Washington? Please report the news correctly; thank you!” the head of state wrote on his Twitter page.

The fact that Kelly will leave his post at the end of the year, the American leader said last week. Trump stressed that the new appointment may be temporary. One of the main candidates for this position was the current chief of staff of the Vice-President of the United States Nick Ayers, but he had previously stated that he would not hold this post, and also announced his imminent departure from the White house.

According to Reuters, among other potential candidates for Kelly’s position are the US Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, the US trade negotiator Robert Lightheiser, Congressman Mark Meadows (Republican from North Carolina), the former adviser of Trump’s campaign headquarters David Bossy, Director of the White house administration and budget office Mick Mulvaney. At the same time, Mnuchin and Mulvaney, as reported by Reuters, made it clear that they are not interested in this position.

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