Trump said that Biden will destroy the American energy industry

The President accused the “radical left” of seeking to destroy the oil and gas industry.

WASHINGTON – During a visit to Texas, US President Donald Trump touted his energy policy, warning that the state’s oil and gas industry would be destroyed if his rival, former Vice President Joe Biden won the election.

“The radical left is fighting to eliminate the American energy industry, destroy the oil and gas industry and deprive you of jobs,” Trump said.

Texas ranks first among the American States in the energy sector in terms of employment and total output. However, the industry has recently been hit hard by low prices and the coronavirus pandemic.

The President’s statement came as he met with employees of Double Eagle Energy, a Midland-based oil and gas company operating in the hot and dusty Permian basin.
Meanwhile, Biden’s staff criticized Trump.

“Mr. President, this is not the time for politicking or posing for photos,” said a statement released by Biden’s staff. “Texans need a President with experience and vision who will fight for families no matter how many disasters hit our shores.”