Trump said Roger Stone deserves “fair treatment”

The President explained that he would like to see his former adviser acquitted.

President Donald Trump has not yet decided on a possible pardon for his former adviser, Roger Stone, who was sentenced by a court to three years and four months in prison on charges of making false statements to Congress, pressuring witnesses and obstructing justice.

President Trump said that Stone deserves “fair treatment.” He said this, speaking in Las Vegas at the release ceremony of the program “Hope for prisoners.”

“I will decide at some point, but Roger Stone and all [other people] deserve fair treatment. And this process was not fair,” Trump said when asked if he was going to pardon Stone.

Trump criticized the supervisor of the jury, saying that this woman was opposed to the President, and her “social media account looks terrible.”

“I want the process to end. I think this is the best thing to do. Because I would like to see Roger acquitted. I think he was treated very unfairly. They talk about pressure on witnesses, but the person he put pressure on doesn’t seem to have any problems with it,” the President said.

He added that the pressure in stone’s case “wasn’t the pressure you see in movies or on TV.”

“Maybe there was pressure, or maybe there wasn’t. But I can tell you that these were huge lies and information leaks,” Trump said.

The President stressed that, although he knows Stone, this does not indicate any personal attitude of Trump to this case: “A lot of people know Roger. Everyone knows Roger somehow. What happened to him is incredible. They say he lied, but other people lied, too. Just for reference: [James] Comey lied, [Andrew] McCabe lied, Lisa Page lied, her lover Peter Strzok lied. Do you know who these people are? Just believe me,” the President said.

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