Trump said he signed a new Executive order to lower drug prices

In July, the President already signed several decrees aimed at achieving this goal.

US President Donald Trump said that he had signed a new Executive order aimed at lowering drug prices in the US by linking them to prices in other countries.

“The decree on my most beloved country will guarantee that our country will receive the same low price that major pharmaceutical companies set for other countries. The days of global dependency at America’s expense are numbered,” Trump tweeted.

In July, the President signed a decree that, among other things, requires the state insurance program Medicare to purchase medicines at the same prices that other countries pay. Its implementation, however, has been delayed while the administration tries to work out a solution with the pharmaceutical industry.

It is not clear whether this is a new decree or whether Trump was referring to a previous document, which was also called the decree on the most beloved country.

In July, Trump signed four Executive orders that aim to lower drug prices for consumers, to emphasize a commitment to lower prescription drug prices ahead of the November 3 election.

The Executive orders include a range of measures, from easing requirements for drug imports to reducing Medicare payments to drug manufacturers. Still, experts doubt they will be implemented soon. Similar proposals from the Trump administration have stalled due to resistance from industry companies.

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