Trump said Federal forces could return to Portland

US President Donald Trump said that Federal forces can return to Portland (Oregon) if local authorities do not restore order there.

Federal forces will leave the US Portland, they will be replaced by local police, said earlier the Governor of Oregon, Kate Brown.

“If the mayor and Governor do not immediately stop the crimes and violence by anarchists and instigators, the Federal government will enter (the city) and do the job that local law enforcement agencies should have done!” – Trump threatened.

“If the Federal government and its wonderful law enforcement agencies from the Department of homeland security had not entered Portland a week ago, there would be no Portland now — it would have been burned and razed to the ground,” Trump said.

Federal law enforcement officers have been keeping order in Portland for a number of days, where there are nightly riots. Local elected officials, mostly belonging to the opposition to Trump the Democrats condemned the actions of the Federal government.