Trump: Russia stole information about a hypersonic missile from the US

The President said this at a meeting with voters in Minnesota.

Russia was able to create a hypersonic missile, using information stolen from the administration of President Barack Obama to build it. President Donald Trump said this, addressing his supporters gathered at a campaign rally in Minnesota.

“You know they have a super-duper-a hypersonic missile – I call it a super-duper because its speed is five times that of a normal rocket… But Russia received this information from the Obama administration. Russia stole this information, and they built (the missile),” Trump said.

However, according to the President, the US now has a much more powerful weapon: “The best, the most incredible, unfortunately, the deadliest.” Trump did not name the characteristics and type of these weapons, citing the secrecy of this information.

“We would like never to use it. But we have the greatest weapons in history,” said the President, who said these weapons are “the envy of the whole world,” including the leaders of China and Russia, who “know that we have things they haven’t even heard of before.”

“Now, all I do is telling the world that we have the most powerful weapon in the world. I don’t even say which one. You don’t even want to know about it. God help us if we ever have to use it. But we have the most powerful weapon ever created by man,” Trump said.