Trump responded to tax evasion charges

US President Donald Trump has said that he paid millions of dollars in taxes and that he has very little debt compared to his assets.

“The fake news media, just like during the 2016 election, raised the topic of my taxes and other nonsense with illegally obtained information and exceptionally bad intentions. I paid many millions of dollars in taxes, but like anyone else, I was entitled to deductions and tax credits,” he wrote on Twitter on Monday.

So he commented on the New York Times article, which claimed that he did not pay Federal income tax for 10 years. It also said that Trump loses more on his business than he earns.

“If you look at the incredible assets I own that fake news doesn’t have, I have a very low debt level. I have very little debt compared to the value of my assets,” Trump said.

The US leader is refusing to make available its tax returns and leading the fight to prevent the disclosure of financial information. Trump, for many years, was known as a businessman and TV host; in politics, he came only before the 2016 election.