Trump reported on the “super-fast missiles” of the United States to confront Russia and China

US President Donald Trump said the US has “super-fast missiles” to counter Russia and China. He said this during a speech to the National Association of governors.

He noted that Moscow and Beijing want to negotiate with Washington to “stop the madness” and stop spending billions of dollars on nuclear weapons. However, until an agreement is reached, the only thing the US can do is create “the world’s strongest nuclear forces,” Trump said.

“We have super-fast missiles, a huge number. They are five, six, and even seven times faster than conventional missiles”, he said.

According to him, they are necessary for Washington, since Moscow also has them. Trump said that Russia might have received data about such technologies from the administration of former President Barack Obama. He noted that the US was not engaged in these missiles at the time.

In early February, Robert O’Brien, assistant to the US national security leader, said that the US is ready to start negotiations with Russia on arms control and discussing the nuclear issue. According to him, Washington will continue to “resist” Moscow when it is necessary, but at the same time will conduct a dialogue.

In August 2019, the United States withdrew from the intermediate-range and shorter-range missile treaty (INF TREATY). Washington claimed that the reason was Russia’s development of the 9M729 missile. According to the American side, its characteristics violated the Treaty. Russia opposed the deployment of American Mk-41 launchers in Europe.

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