Trump rejected Biden’s claims that he hung a “white flag” in the fight against COVID-19

The President called his Democratic opponent a “pathetic candidate” who “doesn’t come out of the basement.”

WASHINGTON – Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden accused the incumbent of abandoning the fight against the coronavirus. At the same time, President Donald Trump himself, speaking in the same undecided state, criticized the former Vice President.

“Donald Trump is the worst possible President, the worst possible person who can try to get us through this pandemic,” Biden said during a brief campaign stop in Chester, Pennsylvania, on Monday.

Hours earlier, Trump called his opponent in the November 3 election a “pathetic candidate” and disagreed that his administration had thrown out a “white flag of defeat” in the coronavirus war, according to Biden’s staff.

Speaking to reporters on the tarmac at the airport in Allentown, before the first of three rallies on Monday in Pennsylvania, Trump said Biden “put up a white flag before life.”

“He has to get out of the basement. This guy doesn’t come out of the basement,” the President said.

Biden held two rallies in Pennsylvania on Saturday, with participants sitting in cars, and said on Monday that he would appear at similar events in the coming days in States such as Iowa, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Florida.

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