Trump refused to close the US in the second wave of coronavirus

US President Donald Trump said that the authorities will not impose strict restrictive measures and will refuse to close the country if the second wave of the new coronavirus pandemic occurs in the fall. He told about it during a meeting with journalists, writes the Hill.

He said that the second wave of coronavirus is very likely to occur. “This is the standard. And we’re going to put out the fire. We are not going to close the country,” the President said.

Trump also expressed confidence that the country will be able to contain future outbreaks of infection. “Whether it is embers or flames, we will put it out, but we will not close our country,” he said.

In April, several US States took unprecedented steps against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic and installed checkpoints on their borders, effectively closing them. For example, in Florida and Texas, patrolmen required all Americans who did not live in the state to sign a commitment to undergo 14-day quarantine, as well as provide the address of the place where they planned to stay.

This week, all US States reported their readiness to ease the restrictive measures imposed due to the coronavirus. Some businesses were allowed to resume production so that people could return to work. The decisions were made despite an increase in the number of diseases in Arizona, North Carolina, and Texas.