Trump refused to close the States because of the COVID

The US will not re-introduce restrictive measures due to the new wave of coronavirus. US President Donald Trump said this in an interview with Fox Business.

“We will no longer close anything. We have everything in order,” Trump said. According to him, the United States already has a lot of experience; they have learned a lot about this disease. He added that the country had seen a sharp increase in the number of infected people in certain states.

The US leader also said that a coronavirus vaccine could be ready in the country by the end of 2020. He stressed that the treatment of COVID-19 patients with a serum with a “cocktail” of antibodies from Regeneron is effective.

Trump himself contracted the coronavirus earlier in October. The President was injected with antibody serum during treatment. His wife Melania was also ill, and the infection was found in the youngest son Barron.